The SugarDevils at The Maple Blues Awards

Maple Blues Awards-2014

Irene Torres and The SugarDevils were thrilled to host the after-party of the 2014 Maple Blues Awards.  The band was also nominated for an award in the Best New Band category.  The night was filled with some amazing performances from nominees and award winners alike.  Many bands took the opportunity to mix it up on stage, resulting in some amazing collaborations.  A big thanks to the jammers who came up including Steve Strongman, Paul DeLauriers, Pat Rush, Lindsay Beaver, Harpdog Brown, Samantha Martin, Guy belanger, Dawn Tyler Watson, John Knight & Soulstack to name a few, Be sure to check out The SugarDevils youtube channel to see video of the jam.


Irene Torres and The SugarDevils-Official Youtube Channel

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